Thank you for being here !

I'm Matthias and I am a Singapore-based photographer.

People, they never fail to fascinate!
Couples often ask me if I'd go mental photographing pristine sceneries when I travel. My answer is always 'no' ; but I will photograph them for memories, and often with my iPhone.

I have always preferred photographing people. They are unique, very unpredictable, so full of expressions and emotions. A living sculpture. No two photographs of a person is similar, unless they try really hard!

I shot my first wedding in 2005 through gracious invitation from my cousin. Today, I owe my craft to the people who believed in me.

Weddings, life events, people who are in love, they attract me.
Perhaps I am a little emotional, but I guess I'm probably addicted.

To witness the devotion between two unique individuals, how they grow as one, how new bonds are forged under unconditional sacrifices, and established commitments.

Just so rewarding, often the best therapy !